RPA Blue Prism Online Training

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Blue Prism is in the No.1 position in Robotic Process Automation market. Blue Prism is a Robotic Process Automation software to provide businesses with the most agile virtual workforce.Pennonsoft is a best RPA Blue Prism Online Training provider in USA & India. We provide Robotic Process Automation, UiPath and Automation Anywhere training.

RPA Blue Prism Online Training Course Overview :

Blue Prism is a set of tools, libraries, and run-time environments for RPA. Blue Prism has built-in support for connecting business objects to various kinds of application user interfaces, including browser-based HTML interfaces, Windows interfaces, mainframe applications accessed via terminals, and interfaces built using Java. The Blue Prism technology is intended to be used by IT people and business people working together. IT must be involved originally to set things up and configure deployments. Blue Prism training in Pennonsoft makes an aspirant learn all the concepts right from the basics to the advanced levels of Blue Prism technology..

Why To Attend The Training?

In Pennonsoft, Blue Prism training are delivered by certified Blue Prism working professionals. Whether a participant is an end-user, partner or an employee working on Blue Prism tool, our training and assessments will sculpt you to be successful in using automation functions while using Blue Prism tool. Pennonsoft online training offers you a comprehensive way of learning Blue Prism and equips you in building a better career..

What You Get In The Training?

RPA Blue Prism Training Course Objectives

After the completion of Blue Prism training, a participant will be able to

  1. Enhances skills in Blue Prism Infrastructure, Installations and Administrative services
  2. know how this Blue Prism works and areas of RPA’s
  3. Understand Infrastructure and Installation models
  4. Leverages skills in Java Access Bridge and Login Agent
  5. Know Essentials and setup for the Blue Prism
  6. Understand Blue Prism Administration
  7. Acquire Skills in User, Roles and Permission

What are the other relevant courses?

Other Popular Blue Prism Trainings

  1. RPA Training
  2. UiPath Training
  3. Automation Anywhere Training

Course Overview:


Blue prism’s Robotic Automation

Process Studio

Running a Process, Basic Skills, Process Validation, Decision stage, Calculation Stage, Data Items, Review

Process Flow

Decisions, Circular Paths, Controlling Play, Set next Stage, Breakpoints, Collections and loops, Layers of Logic, Pages for Organization, Review

Inputs and Outputs

Input Parameters, Stepping and Pages, Data Item Visibility, Data Types, Output Parameters, Start-up Parameters, Control room, Process Outputs, Review

Business Objects

Object Studio, Business Objects, Action Stage, Inputs and Outputs, The Process Layer, Review

Object Studio

Creating a Business Object, Application Modeler, Spying Elements, Attributes, Attribute Selection, Launch, Wait, Timeouts, Terminate, Write, Press, Attach and Detach, Read, Actions, Action Inputs and Outputs, Data Items as Inputs, Review

Overview Of Error Case And Management

Error Management, Exception Handling, Recover And Resume, Throwing Exceptions, Preserving the Current Exception,Exception Bubbling, Exception Blocks, Exception handling in practice, Review

Case Management

Review, Queue Items, Work Queue Configuration, Defer, Attempts, Pause and Resume, Filters, Reports, Review

Additional Features

Safe stop, Collection Actions, Choice Stage, Logging, Log viewer, System Manager, Process/Business Object Grouping, Process and object References, Export and Import, Release Manager-Packages and Releases

Consolidation Exercise

Order system Process, Consolidation Exercise Checklist, Submitting your Completed Solution

Advanced Features

Undefined Collections, Data Item Initialization, Data Item Exposure, Casting, Code Stage, Run Mode, Initialize and Cleanup, Attribute Match Types, Dynamic Attributes, Active Accessibility, Application manager Mode, Global Clicks and Keys, Credentials, Environment Locking, Command Line, Resource PC

Further Application Types

Mainframe Applications, Java Applications

Job openings

Job Title RPA Developer (Blue Prism)
Location Mechanicsville, VA, US
Job Descritption At NTT DATA Services, we know that with the right people on board, anything is possible. The quality, integrity, and commitment of our employees are key factors in our company’s growth, market presence and our ability to help our clients stay a step ahead of the competition. By hiring the best people and helping them grow both professionally and personally, we ensure a bright future for NTT DATA Services and for the people who work here. ... Read more

Job Title RPA Developer mid (Blue Prism)
Location Memphis, TN, US
Job Descritption This role reports to the Manager Finance Robotics Process Automation and works in collaboration with the onshore and offshore teams to design and develop robotic process automation and work through all phases of the automation development life cycle, including testing. The role will work with other technical, architecture and business stakeholders. This role utilizes RPA technology, to support business strategies and improve business processes by delivering process automation solutions that meet or exceed enterprise quality and security requirements. ... Read more

Job Title Blue Prism RPA - Senior Developer
Location United States-California-San Ramon, United States-Nebraska-Omaha
Job Descritption As a Senior Designer- Robotics, you will closely work with our banks’ departments/functions to implement RPA (Robotics Process Automation) products and guide them through RPA journeys. You will independently fulfill client facing functional and technical roles leveraging your development and architecture skills to integrate a wide variety of systems with our unique technology. ... Read more

After the completion of Blue Prism training, it would be a priority point for a participant to achieve Blue Prism Certification as the corporate world accepts profile that is arrayed with technology certifications. Benefits of being certified in Blue Prism tool would be:

  1. Distinguished as an expert in the IT market.
  2. Racing in low competition area in automation platform
  3. Remunerated with an uncommon package.

To achieve Certification in Blue Prism technology:

Many people call us and ask for Blue Prism Certification details. Please find below the details of Blue Prism Certification.

To take this certification, you have to be authorised partner of Blue Prism Software. There is no cost to complete this certification if you are partner of Blue Prism Software.

Developer Accreditation Exam

An online developer exam is available to allow Blue Prism developers to become formally accredited. To maintain the integrity of the exam questions and to ensure that all candidates are tested under equal conditions the online exam must be taken under classroom conditions. It will be the responsibility of the client or partner to host and invigilate the exam.


The exam will measure the developer’s understanding of the following:

  1. Process flow and Blue Prism stages
  2. Object development and application modelling
  3. Work queues configuration, monitoring and Internal Blue Prism Work Queue Actions
  4. Exception handling design and correct use of stages and blocks
  5. Correct use of data types, session and environment variables
  6. Control Room resource and session management.
  7. Blue Prism internal calculation functions • How to debug process solutions

How do I register for the course?

Just give us a shout out at | USA: +1-414-434-4299 number and we will help you through the entire process.

What are my payment options?

  1. Bank Transfer (NEFT)
  2. Cheque Payment
  3. Western Union Money transfer

Who are my instructors?

We have tie-ups with over 500+ certified trainers who have more than 10+years experience. Our trainers are experts in their field and have thorough domain knowledge and hands-on industry expertise.

Are your RPA classes interactive with real-industry scenarios and practical exposure?

Yes indeed. We believe more in practical and experiential learning than just theoretical teaching. With Pennonsoft, you get to work on real RPA screens with hands-on RPA and also get guided instructions and explanations along. We give all our learners a full access to RPA Sandbox for a real NetSuite experience. Access is not limited to training hours.

Can I see a demo of how my learning session will take place?

Certainly. You can always request for a FREE DEMO here (link of contact us form)..

What are the system configuration requirements for online training?

All you need to get started with us is a good configuration computer, good quality headphones, stable Internet Connection and GoToMeeting software.

What if I miss a class on any given day?

Not a problem at all. You need to inform us about the missed classes and we can fit you in the next session and also provide you recorded online video of the class.

What if I have any questions during the class?

Since ours is a real-time online instructor-led-training, your questions will be answered by the trainer and doubts will be resolved. You just need to voice out your question and we will be eager to help you with an explanation.

RPA Blue Prism Online Training

They provide excellent training from certified corporate trainers.The training sessions are very interactive with lots of hands-on training.I had a good experience in learning and training with Pennonsoft..

Sanjana Jain
RPA Blue Prism Online Training

I recently completed my RPA blue prism training course as per market demand from pennonsoft from trainer Venkat. I have to tell you trainer Venkat is the best in the industry. His subject knowledge is just great. There was no question he could not or did not answer. He covered the Basics of RPA in the beginning so everything got easy to understand later. Pennonsoft provided us the RPA videos for free so that was helpful. I went through all those videos as well. Very well organized. Assignments from trainer Venkat was detailed. Case studies was little difficult but he helped. Go for Pennonsoft and get your training

Jason Ruiz
RPA Blue Prism Online Training

I had enrolled in PENNONSOFT for RPA Blue Prism training and I’m very happy that I took that decision.The entire experience was fantastic and the staff was very excellent. I would especially like to thank "Mr John; who has always been there to guide me and also she suggest which courses will be more suitable as per my profile hence, it shows her technical skill sets in providing unbiased views for career progression. Thank you John and Team PENNOSOFT!!! I would highly recommend pennonsoft.com

RPA Blue Prism Online Training

I had contacted pennonsoft for RPA training Stephen from training team he provided demo, the trainer was rohit realtime employer, he given lot of suggestions on real time scenarios, i would like to say thanks to rohit and pennonsoft team !

RPA Blue Prism Online Training

I recently finished my RPA training from pennonsoft. The trainer is expert in his field, very knowledgeable. He enjoys teaching and challenging his students. It was a good experience and i learned a lot. more than what i expected before joining. The course is very detailed. I'm very glad i joined them. I recommended this training to many of my friends and they are joining as well now