RPA Automation AnyWhere Online Training

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Robotic process automation (or RPA) is an emerging form of canonical process automation technology based on the understanding of software robots or artificial intelligence (AI) workers. Robotic Process Automation is growing the market demand. RPA is applying digital workforce for ordinary, daily routine tasks. Which saves the business a lot of cost by avoiding employing FTE’s. on the other hand, human errors can be avoided, productivity can be increased multi-fold.

RPA Automation Anywhere Online Training- Overview

Automation Anywhere Tool- The only complete End to end cognitive RPA Solutions

Robotic Process Automation shortly called as RPA is considered as an application that allows companies or Organizations to automate processes that are organized by humans.

All the tasks like Data Manipulation, communications, customer management and responses etc are handled by humans and now this RPA enables all the process are done by ensuring Robotics Process Automation Tools. RPA mainly decreases the human errors, saves time and decreases the complete cost of the Projects. It will be a great career advantage by taking RPA Automation Anywhere Training in USA at PennonSoft to start your journey in the automation field. With the help of this tool, deploy anywhere in the world but manage everything in one place.

Automation Anywhere Training will save the time and then will solve a human mistakes. Automation Anywhere will increase the quality of the product or the services. It will be the next big thing in the technology, every big organization has to be use Automation Anywhere technology if they want to be simplify the project cost & maintenance.

These Automation Anywhere training robots or bots will give the end to end business processes for the organizations it will enable the virtual workflow through the automation process. Automation Anywhere is one of the best RPA tools, start your career in the RPA domain with an in-depth Automation Anywhere training from GOT

Robotic Automation is nothing but the automating the repetitive and the same tasks without any of a modifications in a way they are in done. It’s one of the hot skill at present.

Course Overview:

PennonSoft is considered as the Best Robotics Automation Anywhere Tool Training in USA that offers quality and Instructor-led classes to all the intended audience. Domain Expertise mainly helps the audience to leverage practical knowledge skills in Automation Anywhere tool to solve complex business issues with an optimized solution.


Automation Anywhere is an application that allows the companies or to organizations to automate the processes which are been organized by a humans. Means in the any company human of a employees will do all a tasks like communications, data manipulation, customer management and the responses et cetera, RPA enables you these all of a processes can done by using the Robotic Process Automation tools. By using RPA an company can be decrease the total cost of a project. PennonSoft is providing best Automation Anywhere training, for details about Automation Anywhere course call our help desk today

1. Overview of Architecture
2. Introduction to Product Architecture
3. Task Bots and its usages
4. Meta Bots and its usages
5. Learn IQ Bots


1. Task Bots
2. Recording the task.
3. Create Task
4. Task Editor and its usages
5. Features in Task Editor


1. Usage of If/else command
2. Datanse and AA
3. Email Automation in AA
4. Handling Exceptions
5. Commans in PGP


1. MetaBot and its Usages
2. Overview
3. Creation of Metabot
4. Understand Designer in MetaBot


1. Recordng Recordset
2. Various configurations inMetaBot Screens
3. Calibirations in MetaBotScreens


1. How to record in MetaBot
2. Logic Editor
3. Import and exprt MetaBot

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How do I register for the course?

Just give us a shout out at | USA: +1-414-434-4299 number and we will help you through the entire process.

What are my payment options?

  1. Bank Transfer (NEFT)
  2. Cheque Payment
  3. Western Union Money transfer

Who are my instructors?

We have tie-ups with over 500+ certified trainers who have more than 10+years experience. Our trainers are experts in their field and have thorough domain knowledge and hands-on industry expertise.

Are your RPA classes interactive with real-industry scenarios and practical exposure?

Yes indeed. We believe more in practical and experiential learning than just theoretical teaching. With Pennonsoft, you get to work on real RPA screens with hands-on RPA and also get guided instructions and explanations along. We give all our learners a full access to RPA Sandbox for a real NetSuite experience. Access is not limited to training hours.

Can I see a demo of how my learning session will take place?

Certainly. You can always request for a FREE demo here (link of contact us form)..

What are the system configuration requirements for online training?

All you need to get started with us is a good configuration computer, good quality headphones, stable Internet Connection and GoToMeeting software.

What if I miss a class on any given day?

Not a problem at all. You need to inform us about the missed classes and we can fit you in the next session and also provide you recorded online video of the class.

What if I have any questions during the class?

Since ours is a real-time online instructor-led-training, your questions will be answered by the trainer and doubts will be resolved. You just need to voice out your question and we will be eager to help you with an explanation.

Job openings

Job Title Technology & Tools Manager
Location Charlotte, NC
Job Descritption The candidate will be responsible for managing and leading initiative work and must be able to work independently with the Senior EIT Executives/stakeholders to drive initiative delivery. Candidate will need to be able to communicate and drive influence at all levels of the organization.* responsible for strategic/high-impact new and existing business process re-engineering & automation, including data-driven automation, robotics process automation (RPA), machine based learning, advanced analytics leveraging various data sources, and other digitization enablement/innovation projects in support of the Independent Testing Standards.* This role engages with Testing Shared Services peers to lead and support special strategic Digitization and Cost Reduction initiatives for a Data Driven Process Automation.* The candidate will lead the Data Driven Process Automation program to accelerate adoption, identify and validate right opportunities with the right technologies and execution/sourcing approach.* responsible for the coordination with and lead of Testing Shared Services partners across all of EIT driving the analysis and developing insights and recommendations* The Data Automation Lead will serve as the change agent, driving multiple pilots and broader roll-outs on various strategic programs on senior sponsors’ behalf. ... Read more

Job Title Business Systems Consultant
Location San Antonio, TX
Job Descritption Business Systems Consultant ( Sr. RPA Process Automation Designer) will act as a liaison between client area and technical organization by planning, conducting, and directing the analysis of highly complex business problems to be solved with automated systems. Provides technical assistance in identifying, evaluating, and developing systems and procedures that are cost effective and meet business requirements. Works with user groups to provide training, resolve questions, assess user needs, and recommend changes. Prepares specifications for system changes. Recommends and initiates systems testing. Acts as an internal consultant within technology and business groups by using quality tools and process definition/improvement to re-engineer technical processes for greater efficiencies. Provides direction and guidance to less experienced staff. ... Read more

Job Title Experienced Consultant, RPA Developer
Location Chicago, IL
Job Descritption West Monroe Partners is seeking an experienced consultant with expertise in robotic process automation and technology project implementations to work with our clients to solve automation needs. Experienced consultants will be responsible for working directly with multiple clients in various industries as a member of our Operations Excellence Practice here at West Monroe Partners. ... Read more
Alisha Shah
RPA Automation AnyWhere Online Training

Good experience with training quality, trainers and after supprort team.Way to go Pennonsoft.

RPA Automation AnyWhere Online Training

My RPA course finished in August and I learnt a lot from trainer Ravi. He has very good knowledge of every topics and explained with real scenarios was very good for me to understand easily. I got lots of information to be a prominent IT guy. In short I think this RPA course was worth it for me

RPA Automation AnyWhere Online Training

They provide excellent training from certified corporate trainer.The training sessions are very interactive with lots of hands-on training.I had a good experience in learning and training with Pennonsoft

Julie R. Rayner
RPA Automation AnyWhere Online Training

I'm from Houston, I must say I learnt a lot from my trainer, he is a very good teacher knows the topics well and give really good explanations and examples. Its a lot of information to take in so it is important to go over the material and videos which can add up with time, but overall I think this course was worth it